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Nick is a human being that habits a little piece of paradise called Gran Canaria.

By day, it engages in activity with a team of like-minded individuals called The Agile Monkeys, where the subject performs, defines, and debates tasks like coding, product development, research, and creative work. The team ensures that these interactions happen in a magical way.

By night, it attempts to engage in excessive activities like playing online games, producing music, doing handcrafts, playing chess, freestyle skateboarding, and many others. Perhaps enjoying the most engaging in hacking crazy pet projects that would be too crazy to deploy to production. Although some get combined with great ideas of other team members of the daily activities and become things like Booster Framework.

The subject’s mind is usually a constant stream of crazy ideas and rainbows, so activities to keep the monkey-mind tame also happen during the time that the subject is awake (although there is data where the subject does the same thing in their sleep).


This human does not require any special system requirements.


You can include Nick into your communication flow by:


You can provide communication inputs to Nick by using the following languages:

Your type of input can be really of any kind, you can try with:

You can expect outputs like:

Nick is built in a fully asynchronous way, so don’t expect outputs to be synchronous.

Error Handling

Nick will throw exceptions and will be prone to crash, cutting the communication channel if it encounters the following scenarios:

Bug Reports

You can communicate a bug report to Nick directly, as it includes a self-healing mechanism that learns from the environment and interactions to fix possible bugs.